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We know how fantastic our pizza and service are, but it means so much more coming from all of you!  Here are some of our favorite customers saying some really nice things about their favorite pizzeria!

Courtesy of Yelp reviews:

-Heidi P. of Miami, Fl says: "This place is great!....The pizza is always good.  An the X-large pizza w/garlic rolls feeds all of us and we still have leftover.  It is a real "Pizzeria"!" 

-Jeff G. of Miami, Fl says: "...My friend has been raving about this place for a few weeks now so being the ever adventurous one I decided to make the long journey to the other end of the county, just me and five of my friends.
Although there were many other choices on the menu, we were here for one thing: Pizza.
More importantly we wanted the special; 12 garlic rolls, Extra Large cheese Pizza, and a pitcher of soda for around $18.
Sounds like something that two or three people can easily finish off?
Try again.
This isn't a Pappa John's version of Extra Large, this is a real Extra Large.  Not only that but the Pizza is more like a Chicago style deep dish with it's thick crust and generous toppings, so think you have to eat it with a fork and knife....the sauce was good, full of garlic-y goodness and the fresh tomatoes were definitely fresh.  All in all a very good deal that will leave you more than full."  

-Karla B. of Miami, Fl says: "Love, Love, Love this pizza!!  When you say extra cheese....they put it!!!  The family meal is the best deal, you get a dozen garlic rolls, a large pizza and a 2 liter soda for $18.99!" 

-Esther S. of Miami-Dade, Fl says: "I have gone to this place 3 time and have received excellent service. 

They have a daily special of a large pizza one topping a dozen garlic rolls and a pitcher of soda for 18.99. This is an awesome deal.

We were a party of 4 and went last night and ordered the special and two large Caesar salads. At the end of the meal we were stuffed. Our bill was under $40 and we left with slices for the next day. According to my boyfriend they have been around for a long time, they use to be located on Bird Road. We asked the owner and he told us yes and thought it was cool he remembered the place on Bird Road.

Its a long drive for me but well worth the drive for some good pizza."

Courtesy of Menupix:

From all of us here at Ferrari's we can't thank you enough for your kind words.  We want you to know that we're fans of yours too!